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Chewing Gum Removal - Can A Pressure Washer Help?

Chewing gum removal is often done using steam cleaner machines because they are effective and efficient when it comes to dissolving and completely extracting difficult gum deposits. One reason why they are so effective is because they use the cleaning power of steam to dissolve gum wads, paired with gum cleaner solutions, stainless steel brushes for agitation, and vacuum extraction for complete removal. Because steam is a powerful cleaner, no toxic detergents need to be used, though a biodegradable alternative is suggested to maximize efficiency.

However, many building maintenance professionals need greater power for other commercial and industrial applications, like degreasing. For these cleaning jobs, many opt for pressure washers. Can these machines also be used to remove chewing gum?

While steam cleaning machines are the most efficient chewing gum removal systems on the market, steam pressure washers can also be used. This is often beneficial for companies in which purchasing two separate cleaning units is unfeasible. Pressure washing units can be used for gum removal if the job is outdoors. You should also have access to a water source, water drainage should not be an issue, and the surface must be able to withstand high pressure levels.

Even old gum debris, which may be hardened and black can be dissolved and washed away using these units. Pressure washers can indeed be used for chewing gum removal. However, using the right model in the right conditions is imperative to getting the chewing gum removal done effectively. To discover which models are best for a range of commercial and industrial applications, as well as gum removal, consult with a reputable supplier.

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